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The Mini-THON Team

The Mini-THON Team


Natalie, Grace, Declan, Becca, Riane


We are Natalie, Grace, Declan, Becca and Riane, your 2018 Mini-THON overall heads! We oversee every committee and offer help in any way possible. Whether it be meeting with our advisers, captains, or each other, we are always there to ensure that all of our events run as smoothly as possible. All of our hard work is always FTK!

Alumni Committee

Sandy, Max, Hanna, Steven, Diana


Hello to all from the LMHS Mini-THON Alumni committee! We are Sandy, Max, Hanna, Steven, and Diana. Our committee is responsible for all things related to the graduates of Lower Moreland High School. We email, call, and text LMHS grads from previous classes and encourage them to attend Mini-THON and help make a difference in the fight against pediatric cancer. We also coordinate floor passes for alumni that wish to spend time with the dancers, Mini-THON families and other amazing people fighting FTK. To all LMHS graduates, we have a special surprise for all Alumni attending Mini-THON this year!!! See you there, and as always, FTK!

Chaperones Committee

Madison, Sydney, Delila, Macy, Lauren


Hello everyone! We are Madison Berman, Sydney Waterman, Delila Matara, Macy Morozin, and Lauren Oblon, and we are all the 2018 Chaperones Committee! Our committee calls and emails potential chaperones for every major event during the Mini-THON season. With our long list of generous chaperones, we help make each event possible! We'd like to thank all of our volunteers for dedicating their time to a great cause. Chaperones is very excited for Mini-THON 2018! FTK! 💠



Class Representatives Committee

Aliza, Justin, Olivia, Sammy, Yuval, Francesca, Ashley, Joey

Class Reps.JPG

Hey! This is Aliza, Justin, Olivia, Sammy, Francesca, Yuval, Ashley, and Joey, and we are your Class Representatives for LMHS Mini-THON 2018! Our committee is responsible for getting every grade excited and involved for Mini-THON. On top of that, we collect paperwork and handle the Mini-THON t-shirts. We can't wait for the upcoming Mini-THON season. FTK!


Corporate Fundraising Committee

Angelina, Carley, John, Briana, Olivia, Isabella, Mason, Michelle


We are the corporate committee: Angelina, Carley, John, Briana, Olivia, Isabella, Mason, and Michelle. We’re in charge of asking local businesses to be corporate sponsors for our event. We keep track of all the important business information, as well as advertise for them on the day of Mini-THON. Additionally, we make sure each Mini-THON captain gets a ‘slam dunk’. A 'slam dunk' is a donation from a business that has never sponsored our Mini-THON. Each year our goal is to add more corporate sponsors to our Mini-THON family. FTK!

Event Fundraising Committee

Keeley, Andrew, Almog, Evan, Nyah


Hey! It’s Keeley, Andrew, Almog, Evan, and Nyah. We are the Event Fundraising Committee. Our job is to help plan and advertise the various events leading up to the day of Mini-THON. These events include the LM/BA Color Run, Kids’ Night Out, restaurant fundraisers, and more! We spend countless hours putting together fun events to raise money FTK and the fight against pediatric cancer.  

Family Relations Committee

Andrew, Allen, Alexandra, Kenny, Ben


Hi! This is Andrew, Allen, Alexandra, Kenny, and Ben. We are the 2018-2019 Family Relations committee. Our job is to keep our Four Diamond families involved in our events. For example, we are in charge of contacting families and inviting them to our special events, such as LM/BA color run and the day of Mini-THON. Another one of our jobs is to make these families feel welcome during our events. This committee is an important part of Mini-THON. It's an honor to be a part of such a great organization. We cannot wait for this year's Mini-THON season! #ftk

Food Committee

Abby, Bianca, Kevin, Ariella, Grace, Jayna, Maeve


Hi! We’re Abby, Bianca, Kevin, Ariella, Grace, Jayna, and Maeve, the proud Food committee captains for LMHS Mini-THON 2018! As you can tell by our committee's name, we are in charge of all things food related for our Mini-THON. Our job is to ensure that every LMHS Mini-THON event has enough food for our numerous participants. Through the generous business and personal food donations, we're able to serve our dancers brunch, lunch, dinner, and dessert to keep them fueled as we all fight for a cure. FTK!



Finance Committee

Elizabeth, Jon, Phillip


Salutations! We are Elizabeth Berzin, Jon Yeo, and Phillip Jaskiewicz, your 2018 Finance Committee. Throughout the Mini-THON season, we manage the inner workings of Donor Drive and keep track of all types of donations. Feel free to contact us anytime for help and/or questions. We’re always available to assist donors like you, as we work together to raise money for the kids.


Games and Rules Committee

Dan, Taylor, Josh, Emily, Michael

Games and Rules.JPG

We are Dan, Taylor, Josh, Emily, and Michael, your 2018 Games and Rules Committee. We think of new games and activities to make Mini-THON better every year. The Day of Mini-THON is when we play the games and make sure everyone has fun and feels involved. The day of Kids Night Out, we organize games for the kids who have already been through the haunted house or just want to play. We are always looking for suggestions, so always feel free to reach out to us and give us your ideas. FTK!!


Jessie's Girls

Shane, Rachel, Jordyn, Christina, Shuval

Jessie's Girls.JPG

We are Shane, Rachel, Jordyn, Christina, and Shuval, and we make up Jessie's Girls! As a part of this committee, we are in charge of a little bit of everything that makes Mini-THON happen. This includes posting locker diamonds, the Luminary Walk, Wigs for Kids, designing posters, and a variety of other tasks that help the various committees! We are so excited for this upcoming Mini-THON season and cannot wait to see how much we raise. FTK!

Line Dance Committee

Danielle, Madison, Remi

Line Dance.JPG

The line dance committee brings a feeling of unity and excitement to Mini-THON. Each hour, we unite the four grades by leading everyone in a song and dance that gets us all movin' and groovin'. The line dance incorporates topics from pop culture and world news that have occurred in the past year. The goal is to help bring a sense of community to LM. When we see the ocean of white shirts dancing and singing, we couldn't be more proud! FTK!


Social Media Committee

Jess, Gianna, Travis, Jarred, Yasmine

Social Media.JPG

Hi everyone! It’s Jess, Gianna, Travis, Jarred, and Yasmine from the Social Media committee. Our job is to use our three social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook) to spread information about all of our events and shout out the companies that help us raise money FTK. We are also in charge of making the commercials for all of the major Mini-THON events. We cannot wait for this year's Mini-THON season! #ftk 💠


Tech Committee

Sophia, Sara, Joy, Audrey, Victoria, Emma


We're Sophia, Sara, Joy, Audrey, Victoria, and Emma, and we’re the 2018 Tech Committee! As the Tech Committee, we run all things tech related for Mini-THON. We maintain the Mini-THON website and upload all of the spectacular moments we capture on camera. Other than sound and special effects, we’re also in charge of the music, slideshows, and promo videos for the day of Mini-THON, the Color Run, and Kids’ Night Out. We look forward to this upcoming Mini-THON season and hope you are too! FTK! 💠💠