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The Mini-THON Team

The Mini-THON Team


Becca, Riane, Riley, Sarah


 We are Becca, Riane, Riley and Sarah, your 2019 Mini-THON overall heads! We oversee every committee and offer help in any way possible. Whether it be meeting with our advisers, captains, or each other, we are always there to ensure that all of our events run as smoothly as possible. All of our hard work is always FTK!

Alumni Committee

Diana, Steven, Hanna, Jaymie, Endri, Ujval


Hey guys, we are Diana, Steven, Hanna, Jaymie, Endri and Ujval and we are your 2019 Mini-THON Alumni committee. We are responsible for all things alumni during the Mini-THON season. We spend our time calling, texting, and even emailing LMHS graduates and encourage them to attend  Mini-THON to help in the fight against pediatric cancer. We also include "floor passes," which is a way for alumni to join the dancers, Mini-THON families, and other amazing people fighting FTK. We hope to see many alumni join us the day of Mini-THON and as always FTK!

Chaperones Committee

Macy, Lauren, Delila, Adilya, Maria, Maggie


Hey there! This is Macy, Lauren, Delila, Adilya, Maria and Maggie and we are the Chaperones Committee! We’re in charge of contacting and recruiting potential chaperones for every event during the Mini-THON season. With our long list of generous chaperones, we are happy to make every event possible! We would like to thank all of our volunteers for their commitment and dedication to help us in the fight against pediatric cancer. We cannot wait for this year’s Mini-THON season, FTK!



Class Representatives Committee

Olivia, Sammy, Abby, Justin, Zihan, Selina, Cami, Isabella


Hey!!! It’s Olivia and Sammy your Senior Class Representatives and Abby and Justin your Junior Class Representatives for LMHS Mini-THON 2019! Our committee is responsible for getting every grade excited and involved for Mini-THON. On top of that, we collect paperwork, set up fundraising opportunities, and handle the Mini-THON t-shirts. We can't wait for the upcoming Mini-THON season. FTK!


Corporate Fundraising Committee

Michelle, Mason, Olivia, Isabella, Rachel, Sonia, Trisha, Amanda, Linden, Shejin


Hi everyone! We’re the corporate committee- Michelle, Mason, Olivia, Isabella, Rachel, Sonia, Trisha, Amanda, Linden, and Shejin. We’re in charge of asking local businesses to be corporate sponsors for our event. We keep track of all their information as well as advertise for them before and on the day of Mini-THON. Additionally, we make sure each Mini-THON captain gets a ‘slam dunk’, which is a donation from a family member’s or friend’s business. Each year our goal is to add more and more businesses to our Mini-THON family. FTK!

Event Fundraising Committee

Almog, Evan, Nyah, Jack, Lauren, Yuval


Hey! Our names are Almog, Evan, Nyah, Jack, Lauren, and Yuval and we’re Event Fundraising! For the months leading up to Mini-THON, we put together the various events like the Color Run, Kids’ Night Out, and restaurant fundraisers. We work countless hours with immeasurable effort to make the events as best we can all for the kids! FTK over everything, always.

Family Relations Committee

Alex, Ben, Paige, Phoebe, Leena


Welcome to the LMHS Mini-THON Family Relations Committee! We are very excited about the 2019 Mini-THON season and cannot wait to accomplish great things this year. In this committee, we build relationships with families who have suffered through the hardships of pediatric cancer and invite them tell their stories at Mini-THON. Learning the struggles these families have gone through really teaches us to appreciate everything we have and reminds us how important it is to continue fighting FTK. The family relations committee is so rewarding and will leave a lasting impact on our lives.

- Alex, Ben, Paige, Phoebe, and Leena

Food Committee

Maeve, Jayna, Ariella, Grace, Sam, Amy, Francesca, Javin


Hi everyone! This Maeve, Jayna, Ariella, Grace, Sam, Amy, Francesca, and Javin and we are the food committee for Lower Moreland's Mini-Thon 2019. As the food committee, we provide all Mini-Thon dancers with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. To achieve this goal, we must approach businesses for food donations throughout the Mini-Thon season. Additionally, we supply all of the food for the Color Run and for Kids' Night Out. Come out and support our Mini-Thon on November 22nd, 2019! FTK!!!  



Finance Committee

Phillip, Kevin


Salutations! We are Phillip Jaskiewicz and Kevin Wang, your 2019 Finance Committee. Throughout the Mini-THON season, we manage all types of donations through Donor Drive. We’re always available to help and answer questions for donors like you, as we raise money for the kids!


Games and Rules Committee

Emily, Josh, Michael, Dan, Sam, Colin


Hi everyone! We are Emily, Josh, Michael, Dan, Sam, and Colin and we are the 2019 games and rules committee! Together we prepare games and activities for Kids' Night Out and Mini-Thon. We come up with new and exciting games every year that get everyone involved, as well as help prepare for the big lip sync battle. Our committee is very important because we work especially hard to keep everyone entertained on the day of Mini-Thon while we fight for the kids!! We would all love to see as many people as possible fight for a cure with us, so please join us at Lower Moreland High School's annual Mini-Thon!! If you have any questions please feel free to contact our committee at any time.

Jessie's Girls

Christina, Shuval, Jordyn, Emily, Alyssa, Dana


We are Christina, Shuval, Jordyn, Emily, Alyssa, and Dana, and we are the Jessie’s Girls captains for Lower Moreland’s Mini-Thon. During the Mini-Thon season, we are in charge of locker diamonds, Wigs for Kids, the Luminary Walk, and a variety of other duties. Not only are we responsible for our committee’s tasks, we are also always helping other committees with their responsibilities. We are beyond excited for this year’s Mini-Thon and hope you are too. FTK!

-Jessie's Girls

Line Dance Committee

Remi, Christine, Ava


The line dance committee unifies all four grades during our annual Mini-Thon. Every hour on the hour, the three line dance captains get on stage and lead the students in a song and dance. This keeps everyone’s blood flowin’ and gets all of us movin’ and groovin’. The song includes recent events from our school, pop culture, and world news. We could not be more proud when we see the ocean of Mini-Thon shirts dancing and singing all for the kids. FTK FOREVER!


Social Media Committee

Travis, Jarred, Yasmine, Cassidy, Amber


The responsibility of the social media commitee is to post on social media platforms in effort to inform, entertain, and outreach to the community. This is done through commercials, photography of events, flyers and other forms of advertisment.As companies donate to Mini-THON we promote them for their generous donations. See everything aforementioned @LMHSMINITHON on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.


Tech Committee

Joy, Audrey, Victoria, Emma, Yuki, Evelyn


Welcome to the 2019 Tech Committee! We are Joy, Audrey, Victoria, and Emma. Together, we work on all of the tech aspects of Mini-THON. We take care of promo videos, uploading pictures from events, special effects, and updating the Mini-THON website for special events such as the Color Run and Kids' Night Out. As for the day of Mini-THON, we are in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly. We are so excited to be a part of such a wonderful event and hope you are too! FTK! 💠💙