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The Mini-THON Team

The Mini-THON Team


Frances, Bella, Jack and Lauren

We are Lauren, Frances, Bella and Jack, your 2016 Mini-THON heads! We oversee every committee and help in any way possible. We are constantly meeting with each other, our advisors, and fellow captains in order to ensure that we can make the greatest Mini-THON possible and that we are raising the most money that we can for a cure. We do it FTK! 💠

10th Anniversary Committee

Emily and Alexa

Hi! We're Alexa and Emily and we are the 10th Anniversary Committee! Our one year committee is in charge of making the Mini-THON's 10th year as special as it can be. To do so, we are constantly coming up with ideas that will remind everyone of the 10th Anniversary. We are also in charge of all the advertising for the 10th Anniversary of LMHS Mini-THON. We strive to make it the best Mini-THON yet! FTK! 💠

10 Year.JPG

Alumni Committee

Rhea, Amber, Morgan and Julia

Hi, we are the captains of the Alumni Committee! Our goal is to contact past alumni and get them more involved with Mini-THON. Since it is the 10th anniversary, we hope to have the most alumni ever to attend and make it an unforgettable experience. FTK!

Chaperones Committee

Opal, Sammi, and Sofia

Hey everyone it's Opal Gur, Sammi Murawsky, and Sofia Melhor the 2016 Chaperones Committee Captains. Our committee is in charge of getting chaperones for Mini-THON and all the events leading up to Mini-THON. Without chaperones, these events can not take place. So, our committee is important in order for events to actually take place and we hope you choose to help us out and chaperone for these events, just make sure you get your clearances!!! Have a wonderful day and don't forget FTK

Class Representatives Committee

Dennis, Kate and Jess

Hey everyone it’s Kate Wolfgang, Dennis Lifsted and Jess Murawsky. We are the 2016 Class Representatives Captains. Each of us are the representatives for our grade. Getting all of the grades excited and involved in Mini-THON is a big part of our job. We are also in charge of collecting all forms and money for Mini-THON. We can’t wait for the upcoming Mini-THON season. FTK!


Corporate Fundraising Committee

Faustina, Hanah, Jacinda, Dan, Rachel, Sophia, James and Gabby

Hi! We are the Corporate Committee, consisting of Faustina, Hanah, Jacinda, Dan, Rachel, Sophia, James and Gabby. Our job is to raise money by collecting sponsorships from local businesses. These businesses that join our Mini-THON family and donate money help the cause and we sincerely appreciate every dollar. We can often be found either meticulously filling out spreadsheets or driving endlessly around the area to visit our loving sponsors. FTK!


Event Fundraising Committee

Liza, Sofie, Eric, Mary, Dan and Eddie

Hi! We are Event Fundraising! Our job is to host/plan events to help support and promote our Mini-THON. We plan a variety of events such as the Color Run, Kid's Night Out, and fundraisers at local restaurants. Our main goal is to bring our community together to support one common cause, conquering childhood cancer. FTK! 💠

Family Relations Committee

 Jordyn, Abel, Frankie, Gabby and Lauryn

Hey everyone, we are the 2016 LMHS Mini-THON Family Relations Captains. Our senior captains this year are Jordyn and Abel and will be joined by three junior captains Frankie, Gabby and Lauryn. The Family Relations committee constantly communicates with Four Diamonds Families and any family who has a story of a struggle with cancer. We also ask these families to come and speak at our family hour during Mini-THON which is truly one of the best parts of the night. Family Hour unifies the school by reminding everyone that we all have a purpose of standing there together and that all the time, work, and money raised is worth it for these families. We want all of these families to feel part of the LMHS Mini-THON family so that together we can fight for a cure!

Food Committee

Olivia, Cobe, Sara, Brienne, Kasey and Campbell

Hi! We're Olivia, Cobe, Sara, Brienne, Kasey and Campbell and we're the proud Food committee captains for LMHS Mini-THON 2016! As you can tell by our committee's name, we are in charge of all things food for our Mini-THON. Our job is to ensure that every LMHS Mini-THON event, including our Mini-THON itself, has enough food for our numerous participants and dancers. Through the generous business and parent food donations, we're able to serve our dancers brunch, lunch, dinner, and dessert to keep them fueled as we all fight for a cure and of course, FTK!



Finance Committee

Joey, Devin and Eliana

With the legacy, Eliana Yi, and two personable individuals, Joey Chalhoub and Devin Mood, the finance committee is here to tackle all of the inner workings of Donor Drive and keep track of all types of donations. Don’t know how to make a donor drive account? Call Finance! Entered in the wrong t-shirt size? Call Finance? Need someone to talk to for emotional support? Call Finance!

Games and Rules Committee

Will, Pat, Kat and Matt

What would Mini-THON be without games? We are the games and rules committee. Our senior captains are Will Yang and Pat Furphy, and our junior captains are Matt Stefurak and Kat Chan. We are always thinking of new games in order for everyone to have a great time. We plan on making the 10th Mini-THON the best yet. If anyone has new game ideas do not hesitate to tell us. And last but not least, FTK!! 


Jessie's Girls

Lior, Shiraz, Becca and Gabby

As Jessie’s Girls we have the task of helping out all other committees to help the Mini-THON process run smoother. Specifically, some jobs that Jessie’s Girls are in charge of are Locker Diamonds, Wigs for Kids, The Luminary Walk, and much more. This year Jessie’s Girls has a strong group of four individuals Lior, Shiraz, Becca and Gabby. Our hard work and effort is just a small part of the amazing event that will occur on November 18th, 2016. With the kids in our hearts our hard work and effort pays off. FTK!!

Line Dance Committee

Kaly, Harisa and Chessy 

The line dance committee is here to make Mini-THON really lit. Each hour we unite the grades by getting everyone to perform the dance that gets us movin' and groovin'. The chant incorporates anything big in the news from this past year and it brings a sense of community to LM. When we see that ocean of white shirts dancing and singing, we couldn't be prouder.


Social Media Committee

Dante, Alex, Sarah, Jen and Bansari

The Social Media Committee includes three wonderful seniors Dante, Alex, and Sarah, and two hardworking juniors Jen and Bansari. As the Social Media Committee, we are in charge of spreading the word about all LMHS Mini-THON has to offer through social media outlets. We promote all the events supporting Mini-THON by posting online and creating cool commercials. We also make sure that all our wonderful donors get the recognition they deserve. Be sure to follow LMHS Mini-THON on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. :)


Tech Committee

David, Kaia, Merilyn, Marina, Avery and Jordan

We are the Tech committee! We are in charge of the technical services for all Mini-THON's events. This includes taking pictures, sound and lighting effects for Kids Night Out, running games, like family feud, on the day of Mini-THON, of course designing and updating this wonderful website and much much more. Question of The Day: Why do we do Mini-THON?

Answer: For The Kids! 😄